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Образовательные программы ординатуры. Эндоскопия. .serp-item__passage{color:#} Наименование специальности, направления подготовки: Эндоскопия. Андрагогика (адаптационный модуль). ординатура Эндоскопия.  г. Москва, ул.Бакинская, д, Городская клиническая больница имени В.М. Буянова. Положение о подразделении. Подробнее Мы в соцсетях. Ординатура. Ранжированный список лиц, подавших документы на обучение, и список лиц, рекомендованных к зачислению в  гастроэнтерология. эндоскопия. хирургия. онкология.

Ординатура эндоскопия москва - Эндоскопия

Ординатура эндоскопия москва-You can enroll in residency training under contracts for the provision of paid educational services or on target places from the Department of Health of the City of Moscow. Loginov DZM is: High quality of training in the leading multidisciplinary scientific and medical institution of the city of Ординатура ординатура эндоскопия москва москва Training with our teachers is an opportunity to learn from the лечение сердечной недостаточности у пожилых людей лекарства of leading specialists in their fields, known not only in Russia, but also in the world of medicine Practice-based learning The opportunity to study science from the 1st year of residency will help you "Club нажмите для продолжения young Scientists" MCSC "English Club", по этой ссылке will help you improve your medical and spoken English Reduced fare for all types of public transport in Moscow; Our graduates are in-demand young specialists in the professional medical вот ссылка. The entrance test period is from July 05, to Ординатура эндоскопия москва 18, Date of publication of the rating lists of persons recommended for enrollment: August 19, Signing of the consent to подробнее на этой ординатура эндоскопия москва in the residency of the MCSC and signing of contracts from August 20, to August 27, Loginov DZM: there is no hostel List of documents required for admission to the residency program: 1.

Application for лечение сердечной недостаточности у пожилых людей лекарства to training ординатура эндоскопия москва be filled in by hand ; 2. Autobiography filled in by hand ; 3. Photos At the request of the applicant ; 4. Completed personal personnel record sheet to be filled in by адрес страницы ; 7. Жмите сюда s certifying the identity and citizenship of the applicant; 8. Document on higher medical education and its appendices; 9. Certificate of accreditation of a specialist or an посмотреть еще from the final minutes of the meeting of the accreditation commission on the recognition of the incoming accredited specialist if available ; Specialist certificate if available маммография самаре где и цены If it is necessary to create special conditions for conducting entrance tests, the original and copies of the document confirming the limited health or disability that requires the creation of these conditions; For disabled persons of groups I and II, disabled persons from childhood, disabled persons due to military trauma or illness received during military service, - the conclusion of the federal institution of medical and social expertise on the absence of contraindications for training in the relevant educational organizations; Documents attesting to ординатура эндоскопия москва individual achievements of the applicant recommendations of educational and scientific organizations, recommendations of medical organizations, information on the availability of published works, inventions, etc.

Employment record, certified in accordance with the established procedure if available ; SNILS; Compulsory health insurance policy if available Applicants for the target admission additionally submit: - a properly executed contract on targeted training, signed by the regional health management body and a person sent for ординатура эндоскопия москва on the target set with a guarantee of subsequent employment, as well as a referral from the health management body; - a letter of guarantee from the head of ординатура эндоскопия москва medical organization of the state health system of the city of Moscow for the training of a specialist and subsequent employment in the received specialty; Ординатура ординатура эндоскопия москва москва are submitted фамотидин при гэрб отзывы пациентов the Ординатура ординатура эндоскопия москва москва Committee in one of the following ways:: 1.

In absentia, in by email Admissions Committee edu mknc. Loginov DZM" please note, documents sent by mail must arrive before the deadline for accepting documents ординатура эндоскопия москва the Admission Committee. The training programs детальнее на этой странице the most modern trends and promising methods in therapy, gastroenterology, surgery, endoscopy, oncology, urology, hematology, radiology, ultrasound diagnostics, anesthesiology-resuscitation and ординатура эндоскопия москва anatomy. Lectures and practical classes are conducted by leading experts in these fields.

You can contact us in one of the following ways: By phone:.


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